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Car Leasing

Unlike car loans or hire purchase schemes, a car lease doesn’t involve car ownership. Instead, the finance company owns the vehicle and you ‘rent’ the car from them, with monthly payments. This option is often very attractive to those using the car for business purposes as it attracts tax deductions and is often cheaper than a hire purchase agreement. Additionally, it allows businesses to get company cars on the road without significant initial outlay. And of course it suits those who like upgrading their cars fairly regularly, or want to drive their dream car sooner.

Some things worth considering when deciding if car leasing is right for you:

  • Be sure to check for any mileage restrictions
  • Figure out the length of the lease you require
  • Factor in insurance premiums when doing a cost analysis
  • Weigh up the tax benefits of leasing compared to loans or hire purchase.

Unsure if leasing a car is the right option? Give us a call to help you decide and get the best deal. Also see our Operating Lease section below.